BuckeyeBox will be retired in 2021. In preparation for this change, users who request new accounts will have no “owned space” on Box, but will be able to collaborate with other users and share to folders that others own. Learn more about the retirement process and your new file sharing and collaboration toolset.(link is external)

Ohio State has teamed up with Box to offer faculty, staff and students an easy way to share files and folders online.

To sign up for your university BuckeyeBox account, you must visit my.osu.edu(link is external). Once logged in, you need to click BuckeyeBox from the left hand menu. Then, simply accept the Terms and Conditions to enable your account.


Accessibility Statement

Students, faculty and staff with disabilities who rely on screen readers or the keyboard alone for access to their computers may encounter difficulties using BuckeyeBox.

For important information, please read the article BuckeyeBox and Accessibility(link is external). Accessibility assistance is provided through the IT Service Desk by dialing 614-688-HELP (4357) or emailing us at itservicedesk@osu.edu.